Now that we know Until Dawn has gone gold , we should probably consider the game's potential.

Because the project was delayed – and transformed – a few times, I think it has fallen off the radar for a lot of gamers. On top of which, the gut reaction to a game that was originally described as a "teen horror adventure" isn't an encouraging one; most people just expect painful adolescent angst and romance, mixed in with cornball action. But that's really not what we should anticipate from Supermassive's promising title.

The voice cast alone is enough to make us take notice, but there's also a critical decision-making element, as outlined in our preview . Yeah, we'll get the standard QTEs (Quick Time Events) but these should be overshadowed by the game's structure and presentation, both of which ought to be top-notch. Ideally, this will be the perfect and ultra-freaky Choose Your Own Adventure, which would entice players into multiple play-throughs. Furthermore, with the death of Silent Hills , horror aficionados need something to look forward to. I think that community was kinda split on The Evil Within and it doesn't seem like a new Resident Evil is right around the corner.

Until Dawn has a lot going for it and despite the admitted "teen vibe," this could actually be a defining game for the new generation so far. And besides that, PlayStation 4 could really use a great exclusive.