Remember Dragon Quest VIII ? JRPG lovers kinda love that game.

It came out during a time when JRPGs were just starting to decline, in my estimation. The golden era was between the SNES and original PlayStation days (with a few years of carryover into the PS2 generation) and DQVIII sorta reminded us of those days.

I'm wondering if the newly announced Dragon Quest XI will do the same thing. Of course, it's much more difficult now, as the JRPG – and unfortunately, Japanese games in general – have definitely declined in terms of appeal and in some cases, quality. Perhaps it falls to Dragon Quest to once again rejuvenate an ailing genre, which is ailing now more than it ever has. I think the new Star Ocean could help as well but for some reason, I believe the next DQ has a better shot. It fits the mold.

There's just something about these games, you know? They have that traditional fantasy vibe mixed with Japanese influence and it makes for a perfect role-playing adventure. If done correctly, if the gameplay is there, if it's distinctly Japanese and an updated RPG (yeah, I know it has to have a modern combat mechanic), I think it'll work. I believe it could go a long way toward resurrecting my interest in the genre, that's for sure. Can't count on Final Fantasy to do that anymore.