After playing through Journey again, I began to think about all the other video games that had a significant impact on me.

So, the obvious question is: Which game had the single most profound impact on you?

It's difficult for me to pick just one but if I was pressed, I'd probably settle on Sierra's point-and-click Hero's Quest ( So You Want To Be A Hero ) adventure. It was my introduction to games beyond the standard arcade and sport realms, and beyond the Sega and Genesis console world. I couldn't believe I could actually wander around a town complete with a hero's guild, bar, magic shop, barbershop and more. I could even explore a forest that kinda looked like a forest. I could see all these amazing fantastical things that I had only read about (or dreamed of).

The interesting part was that my computer really couldn't run it at all. It was an old IBM/Tandy with 640k RAM and even for an old game like Hero's Quest , that wasn't enough. But I never knew anything was wrong. I just assumed the hero really did run that slowly, that the colors really were that washed out, and that sometimes the face of my opponent in battle would look like someone vomited on it (especially when facing barbarians). Looking back now, it was actually comical. But the game never broke or froze or crashed; it just ran slow. I still played the hell out of it, finishing it at least a half-dozen times, and always enjoying the ride.

I only played as the Fighter because I thought the Thief sounded boring and I was frankly intimidated by the Magic User. I think I tried the latter once but when the first goblin killed me without any issue, I got frustrated and went back to the Fighter. All of this, though, from helping a peasant with gardening tasks to earn some extra money to exploring deep, dank caves, constituted my first true interactive fantasy adventure, and it had a huge impact. Perhaps even more of an impact than Super Mario Bros. .

What about you?

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