The more I play, the more I wonder: How much of this content did CD Projekt Red put in simply to elongate the overall play time?

Hey, I love it. I'll probably want to do everything there is to do. But am I the only one who gets the feeling that the amount of content actually outstrips the mammoth size of the map?

There are just so many missions and as you progress, you will invariably leave more than a few behind. Once any mission is 6 missions or more below your current level, it becomes grayed out; you can still do it but you won't get any experience for it (well, 5 experience, which is the same as none). Because there are so many, you end up with a bunch of these. There's just no avoiding it. This tells me the game is quite simply too big; it has too much content that ends up being unnecessary. It's almost as if the developers didn't want to stop making new missions, without turning an eye to how fast the character progresses. Why and how did I find a Lv. 4 Scavenger Hunt on Skellige? No sense.

When I say "too big" I'm not talking about the map size. In point of fact, I don't think The Witcher 3 is oversized at all. Breaking up the areas into separate maps was a great idea; it makes the entire game more manageable. I vastly prefer it to the sandbox setup seen in games like The Elder Scrolls and I hope more games adopt this structure. However, the "too big" comes from just too much stuff . Too many missions become superfluous due to your progress, and there are way too many useless items and equipment. In my mind, it only adds to the overall depth if these things have a purpose; most things in the game simply don't. They can be sold, of course, or used for crafting and alchemy, but do we really need that much stuff? Nah.

As much as I adore the game, a lot needs to be tweaked for the next go 'round, in my estimation.