We know Project Morphus is coming, and we know Oculus Rift has been owning headlines lately.

It's a given that virtual reality will become a very big thing in 2016, even though I have reservations and concerns (similar reservations to when everyone told me 3D would be the future of gaming).

And based on what we're hearing, industry insiders expect Sony to spend a fair amount of time on VR during their E3 conference. I'm just wondering if they will, and if that's the best idea for them, and for gamers. I understand that many are anxiously anticipating the arrival of this fancy new tech, and we know Sony internal studios are cranking on some Morpheus titles right now. But how exactly do you show these off to a crowd? Doesn't this really only work if you're wearing a headset? Oh, I know; they're going to hand out a Morpheus VR headset to everyone in the crowd.

Wouldn't that be something.

But aside from the technological difficulties of presenting virtual reality within a, uh, regular reality, I wonder if it's the proper focal point. Right now, PlayStation 4 could really use some high-profile exclusives on its radar. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End obviously tops the list right now, but the holiday lineup is lacking. Going into 2016, I want to hear about several more PS4 exclusives, as opposed to VR exclusives. The bottom line is that only a small percentage of people will purchase Morpheus right out of the gate. That being the case, I think it's a mistake to spend too long during E3 2015 – when PS4 needs some game love – blathering about VR.

That's my take, anyway.