We get a little break before Batman: Arkham Knight shows up, so maybe we can all put a hefty dent in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . ­čśë

No, I don't like the online requirement for the Need for Speed reboot

Electronic Arts confirmed this past week that players will need an Internet connection to play the upcoming Need for Speed , recently dubbed a "full reboot" by developer Ghost Games.

First, let me say that EA doesn't care about my disinterest. Nor do they care about yours, if you're someone else who doesn't appreciate this restriction. The reason they don't care is because we're in the minority. The overwhelming minority. Need for Speed is a mainstream franchise and according to the last industry estimate I heard, over 80 percent of game purchasers these days qualify as "casual." These people don't care about the online requirement because, A. Most of them always have their systems hooked up, anyway, and B. They just don't care enough to raise a stink.

So yeah, EA can get away with it. I understand. But I reserve the right to be disgusted at the continued emphasis on "connectivity" in some form or another. It pissed me off in Assassin's Creed Unity and when Diablo III was announced for PC with an online requirement, I immediately said, "I'm out." Thankfully, they removed that caveat when it came to PlayStation 4 and you know what? I ended up playing for many, many hours. I just don't like to feel constantly manipulated in my entertainment, that's all. It's not a big deal to be connected; I get it. It's just one more thing I have to do to play my games, one more requisite, and one more way to keep me "connected."

Just leave me the hell alone for two seconds while I relax. Yes, I'm allowed to have that sentiment.

I have a feeling I'll be bored with E3 this year

I'm hoping Sony has a few aces up their sleeve but I'm not holding my breath. Even if they do make a surprise announcement ( Gran Turismo , God of War , whatever Guerrilla Games and Quantic Dream is working on, etc.), the game very likely is a ways off. One clue is that Sony boss Andrew House admitted that this year's PlayStation 4 first-party lineup was indeed thin , which tells me they don't have any mammoth 2015 surprises planned. The other problem with this year's E3 is the apparent emphasis on VR . I have zero interest in virtual reality. In fact, I fear its long-term effects and I always will. Personally, I won't do it simply because it'll give me a migraine in about two minutes. So, if they spend a lot of time with Project Morpheus and Oculus and all that, I'll just be bored.

And I've long since given up on Square Enix doing something to impress me at one of these shows. Actually, the only thing I'd like to hear about is a Dragon Quest confirmation for PlayStation. I've so missed that franchise!

Personal gaming update

Despite what anyone may erroneously believe, it's all about The Witcher 3 . I love the game. The fact that some people can't reconcile themselves to this truism when they see my score is proof of one thing: Review scores still have a way of pissing people off. The ironic part is that once again, gamers simply show their blatant hypocrisy. For months now, the community has been screaming about how critics shouldn't give a pass to games that launch with significant bugs and glitches. And the instant one does, these same gamers flip out, completely forgetting that they asked for it. You can't have it both ways. Some people also need to figure out that subjectivity is only a portion of any review; you can like a game, despite its lacking quality, the same as you can dislike a game even if its quality is obvious. This isn't hard to comprehend, is it?

So, anyway, enough of that. In a matter of weeks, we'll probably have enough patches (like this one ) that will make CD Projekt RED's RPG that much better. And I'll still be playing, I'm sure.

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