I'll punch this out fast so I can get back to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . 🙂

A Bloodborne expansion might get me back into that game

I don't know if people realize this, but playing a game for fun and playing it for review purposes are two entirely different things.

Bloodborne is one game that demands your full attention, but a critic's attention is different (at least for me). Rather than immersing myself in the experience, in the way I want , I'm trying to ascertain the game's overall quality. So, I'm testing everything from basic gameplay mechanics to the narrative; as such, I have to keep pushing forward. I can't really take my time and enjoy myself. This may sound ludicrous to those who haven't acted as a critic but trust me, it's common among reviewers. I really think it's a big reason why I never finished Bloodborne , and why new content might encourage me to start a new adventure.

Sony says we're getting an expansion and while we have to wait until later this year for info, at least we know it's coming. And as this is a single-player-only experience, I have a feeling I might be intrigued by any extra content From Software creates. Of course, it depends on the timing. If I'm swamped again, starting a new Bloodborne game is out. But you never know…

Yes, the new DOOM is one of my most anticipated titles

Not only is it a legendary franchise and there's a bit of nostalgia tied up in the IP, but I also love the combination of horror and shooter elements. That's why DOOM III was actually one of my favorite games on Xbox 360.

And it's also why I can't wait for Bethesda to unveil the new DOOM project at E3. We got that brief teaser trailer and while it didn't really show anything, it reminded me that I want it. I've long since tired of the standard military shooter and I've had my fill of the Borderlands games over the years. I just hope the developer retains the horror/shooter structure with the new DOOM ; this is precisely what sets it apart. If it feels like a regular modern shooter with a heavy focus on multiplayer and a lame campaign, that's going to be extremely disappointing. Guess I'll just wait for the next Wolfenstein if that happens.

By the way, apologies on not delivering a review for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood . I know it's just a little prequel but I really wanted to play it. Things got nuts.

Personal gaming update

Oh, I'm pretty sure you're familiar. But if not, this one crushing bug ruined my game and I had to start over. As time goes on, more and more bugs start popping up; it seems like an endless train of complaints . And it does appear to affect the console versions most, perhaps the PlayStation 4 version most of all. Obviously, I'm past my initial pondering concerning a perfect 10 score ; this game has no business getting a perfect score. It's far too unstable and unreliable and yes, that's a big part of any video game experience. I just have to determine how it will impact my score. I'll have a better idea after I play more.

One quick postscript: BRAWL is a lot better than Bloober Team's original failure known as Basement Crawl . It still has issues but it's a passable Bomberman -type game and well worth owning if you've got some willing friends.