Two more days. Can you wait that long? And you know what I'm talking about, don't you? 😉

Yes, I'm excited for Assassin's Creed Syndicate

As I am for any new Assassin's Creed . I'm aware that Ubisoft pissed me off with last year's Unity but I have to assume they learned their lesson.

They fixed a lot of the crap in that game, and that includes erasing the idiotic need to play the Unity app in order to unlock chests. The entire game was manipulating me into being "connected" in some way or another and I was not the only one who was irritated. Furthermore, Ubisoft's reaction made it clear that they acknowledged the backlash and therefore, I'd like to think they won't make the same mistake twice.

Aside from that, I really love the setting for Assassin's Creed Syndicate . I've been waiting for them to do something in the Victorian Era and next to my desire for a medieval Europe setting (during the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table), it's my most-wanted virtual playground. I just adore the time period. That's a big reason why I can't wait to play Syndicate , but I do question the additions. Being able to jack carriages ala Grand Theft Auto ? It just seems unnecessary. Part of the fun is free-running along rooftops; I never used a horse in the series, unless I had to, or unless I had to cover a lot of boring open ground. As for the rope launcher, it's going to depend on how it's implemented.

But yeah, I have really high hopes for this one. I want it far more than I want Final Fantasy XV . …even if that isn't saying much.

Sony better blow us away at E3; I want to see AAA holiday exclusives

One Sony boss says he "doesn't have any concerns" about the 2015 PlayStation holiday lineup. The only way that statement isn't total BS is if the company has some announcements up their sleeve.

Look, PS4 can't continue to dominate in this way. It's still more expensive than Xbox One, the exclusive software isn't here yet, and Microsoft has a pretty solid holiday season planned ( Halo 5 : Guardians , Forza Motorsport 6 , Rise of the Tomb Raider ). Plus, PS4 just lost out to Xbox One in the US in April . If people want to think that doesn't mean anything, that's just naive. Microsoft still packs more punch in this country and the Xboxers are starting to come out of the woodworks, crowing about how great their console is and how it has – or will have – better exclusive software. And for 2015, they might not be wrong.

That's why we need to see something special for PS4 at E3. I've no doubt that PS4 will eventually have the best exclusive game lineup because PlayStation always has a vastly superior exclusive lineup to Xbox. But it's happening too slowly this generation, despite the greatness of Bloodborne .

Personal gaming update

Project CARS is just beyond me. It's a great game but it's incredibly niche; it's for those who only want to drive. For anybody who wants a regular video game experience, with some sense of progression and reward (aside from achieving a perfect tune job on your favorite car), it's going to be extremely trying. And I really wanted to like Toren , which turned out to be a disappointing, bug-ridden game with only snippets of colorful brilliance. Some might say I need to cut new studios more slack. I say, this is a hugely competitive industry and you need to put your best foot forward immediately . That just didn't cut it.

Well, everything is coming to a head: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt launches this week. It keeps looking more and more incredible; there's the gorgeous cinematic launch trailer , that mind-boggling jaunt across the entire world map , and some of the best cosplay I've ever seen . Yes, I know the latter doesn't have anything to do with the game itself (in terms of gameplay hype) but it's still pretty special. I just wonder what I'll end up giving this game. I don't really believe in handing out 10s; I did for The Last Of Us: Remastered but I mean, what else was I supposed to do? All Naughty Dog did is improve on a masterpiece. 🙂