Nobody talks about PlayStation Vita anymore, but that's because there isn't really anything to talk about.

The almost complete lack of compelling exclusive software is just plain depressing. This is one awesome game-centric unit and its fate is regrettable. It's hard to get a developer to produce a top-quality AAA production for a platform that isn't going anywhere.

But what if you could turn to any studio in the world and say, "make this game for Vita," and they'd make it happen? What is the one game that might revitalize interest in the flagging platform? Or, if you think it would take more than just one title (and it probably would), name a handful of games that might restore confidence in Sony's powerful portable. Right now, the only games Vita seems to get are those that are also available on PS4 and PS3. Exclusive titles are few and far between and they're usually either small bite-size downloadables or extremely niche Japanese games.

Do you think another Uncharted could make a difference? Golden Abyss was pretty freakin' amazing from a portable standpoint. Then again, maybe Vita hasn't done so well because it lacks some sort of identity. The PSP was home to a huge number of great RPGs, for instance, and a lot of so-called "old-fashioned" experiences you couldn't get on the new consoles. I think Vita spent far too much time trying to be exactly like its bigger brothers and that was a mistake. No matter how powerful a handheld will be, it'll never be a home console and it shouldn't try to replicate that experience. You want quality on-the-go entertainment and that's a very different thing. The idea that someone will sit there and play the Vita when the PS4 is in the same room was never a viable argument, in my eyes.

So, what so you? Which games could really help?