A few more days until Bloodborne …everyone excited?

God of War III on PS4 will RULE

Yeah, I know. We've reached the point where the word "remaster" is considered downright evil. And I'm well aware that we need new titles to drive interest in this new generation.

But as far as remasters go, I can't think of a better game to earn a second go-round on a new machine. I mean, God of War III was ahead of its time when it launched five years ago; can you imagine what the Remastered version will look like on PlayStation 4?! These games have always set and reset the visual bar in terms of graphical accomplishments; they made even the best-looking games on Xbox and Xbox 360 look like last-gen garbage. Given what Sony Santa Monica could do with an upgrade, I think action fans everywhere are drooling to get a look at Kratos in 1080p and 60 frames per second. I assume they're going for those technical benchmarks in the Remaster; people will be very disappointed otherwise.

As for the possibility of God of War 4 at E3 , I think it's quite plausible. I'm not sure if we'll see Kratos again, though, and the setting may be different as well. That's fine by me, for the most part. The developers have said in the past that they need a break from the Greek mythology scene, and I'd like to see what they can do with a fresh environment and a new protagonist.

If Kojima wants out, let him out

I know a lot of people are bummed about the apparent war between Kojima Productions and publisher Konami . But really, it's not that big of a deal.

So what if they part ways? Does anyone really think freakin' Hideo Kojima would have difficulty finding a home for any new game he creates? And I know people are a little upset with how Konami is treating this; i.e., we hear about the publisher removing the Kojima Productions logo from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Then there are more rumors about how the publisher is trying to distance themselves from the developers. Well, okay. Kojima has been saying for years that he wants to do something else; maybe this is the perfect excuse to make good on that dream. He can do just about anything he chooses and I think true gamers want to see him try. We all love MGS but somebody that creative could produce something very special, regardless of the title's name.

I'm good with Kojima doing whatever the hell he wants, but it is unfortunate that the long-time partnership has to end this way.

Personal gaming update

I was pretty happy with Battlefield: Hardline , for the most part. I like to see games in relatively stale genres trying new things, and the multiplayer is refreshing and challenging. Honestly, it's a step in the right direction, despite the obvious shortcomings, and I hope developer Visceral Games gets another crack at a sequel. As for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD , it just isn't my thing. I acknowledge the good aspects of the game because that's what a critic is supposed to do, but I have no interest in finishing the quest. I'm probably not far from the end but I don't really care.

I should be playing GTAV but this always happens: When I'm down to one game in my backlog and I've got some time before the next game I want arrives ( The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , and I'm not even convinced I'll want to finish it), I invariably go back in time. That's why I'm actually going through Shadow Hearts: Covenant again. I only beat it once but I loved that RPG and of course, it offers me a style of gameplay that just doesn't exist anymore. Well, it does, but only in bite-size, digital, and/or low-budget downloadable iterations. Besides, I'll want a breather after reviewing Bloodborne . ­čśë

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