Sometimes, I question the timing of such news.

I know the announcement of the Uncharted 4: A Thief's End delay didn't come as a huge surprise to everyone. That being said, I find it interesting that it was announced not long after the ordeal surrounding The Order: 1886 .

We know the reasons why Ready at Dawn's game didn't fare so well with the critics. Granted, it wasn't a stellar game; it had its fair share of problems and I wouldn't label it a "AAA exclusive." In fact, I don't think PlayStation 4 has one yet. That being said, I firmly believe the critical reception of The Order showed a clear bias in the industry: We just don't like strictly linear games anymore. We call them "outdated." On top of which, game length has become a ridiculously gigantic topic. When we consider all these factors, I wonder if Naughty Dog wasn't at least a little vexed by the situation.

Yes, Uncharted 4 will be more open. They've said it several times. But maybe now they're seeing that it isn't open enough and they have to do more; if it even smells like a strictly linear adventure, critics will just bash the hell out of it. Well, not all critics, of course, but that's the direction the industry is headed. Then there's the length; what if Drake's new adventure was coming up a little on the short side when compared with previous installments. They were usually 8-12 hours or so (or maybe 10-15, depending on your play style), which is still acceptable…I think. But what if Uncharted 4 was only coming in at 7 or 8 hours? That was the length of The Order , regardless of what some moronic sources want to claim.

Lastly, both are third-person shooters. A lot of people called the gameplay in The Order "dated" and "repetitive" and this might be another concern for Naughty Dog. There are indeed a lot of similarities between the two exclusives in question, and when one of them nets only 6s on average, it would definitely concern me as a developer. That's all I'm saying.

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