Disclaimer: I've played all the Gears of War games and I've enjoyed them all, even though I think Judgment definitely slipped.

I will also add that most of Cliff Bleszinski's observations on The Order: 1886 as said during his recent Twitch gaming session are perfectly valid.

That all being said, I'm sorry, but someone needs to stand up and admit that as a community and really, as a species, our attention spans have been shot to sh**. It's why camera angles in any given movie can't sit still for more than three consecutive seconds and honestly, one of the reasons we don't really see lengthy cut-scenes anymore. Yes, I get it; advanced technology means we don't necessarily have to tell a story with long non-interactive scenes. But that's hardly the only the reason they've started to disappear, nor is it the only reason people bash them so insistently.

It's simply because most gamers can't seem to sit still for a two-minute break. It's because unless they're pressing buttons, they're bored. It's the instant gratification, everyone staring at a smartphone as if it's a religion, constantly connected lifestyle that I just freakin' despise these days. So, I'm not overly surprised when I hear CliffyB say things like this:

"I just can’t do all the cutscenes guys. Call me jaded. I’ll probably go back to it, give it a go. A lot of people really worked their ass off, and I hope I didn’t offend anybody with my commentary here. I just had a little bit of fun with it, and don’t punch me in the nuts at GDC if you see me."

He also said the QTEs are too much and that while the graphics are great, he thinks the money could've been better spent so the consumer gets more bang for his buck. As I said above, these are perfectly valid. But the fact that you can't do the cut-scenes doesn't mean you're "jaded;" it just means you seem to have zero attention span. Like, none. It tells me that if you had to sit through long, meaningful dialogue scenes in movies, you'd be fidgety or bored.

Nobody's going to punch him in the nuts at GDC. I'd just like someone to admit that a game's so-called flaw might be more of a flaw in the individual, in their inability to simply sit patiently and watch a story unfold. That's what I'd like to see. No big deal; just admit it.

P.S. My review of The Order: 1886 is coming soon. No, it's not a great game. Just putting that out there.