We've been talking about The Order: 1886 quite a bit, but don't forget that another potentially top-tier game comes out this month.

It's the new effort from Turtle Rock Studios, the 4-on-1 co-op shooter, Evolve . It has the chance to really go over well with critics and gamers alike.

Thing is, the industry still loves its shooters, especially if we perceive a slightly new theme. In this case, it's not all about running around in circles killing as many people as you can find. It's not about teaming up and fighting a bunch of random, faceless enemies. No, this is a strategic duel between four hunters and one monster and given the major differences between allies and foes, this could shape up to be one of the most cerebral shooters available. Plus, I really like the idea of such a drastic contrast: One minute, you can play as the super powerful monster and the next, you're collaborating on the best way to take said monster down.

With shooters, we rarely have to worry about technical problems with the controls (they've been refined and fine-tuned a hundred times over) and all we really care about is content, style, entertainment value, etc. And as the FPS has become a multiplayer-oriented genre, there's no doubt that legions of hardcore followers will sign up to try Evolve . What they may find is an innovative title unlike anything else out there, despite its familiar core. This is precisely what developers should be doing, in my estimation: Making new experiences with established, accepted foundations. It's the next best thing to complete innovation. 😉

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