Still getting over a cold and I had to shovel twice today. Yay.

I still can't comprehend what Square Enix is trying to do with Final Fantasy XV

I don't get it. I don't understand one word that gets printed in relation to this game.

First, they tell us they're really trying to keep the game below 40 hours in length. …what the hell? This is supposed to be a role-playing game , right? I mean, it doesn't qualify as far as I'm concerned but Square Enix will certainly bill FFXV as an RPG. That being the case, since when does any RPG developer ever say they want to keep the game short ? Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? RPG players are almost exclusively hardcore gamers; as such, not one has ever asked for a shorter adventure. Not in the history of the world. Then there's this nonsense about the map being one big "connected" mass . So…like every other open-world game in existence?

And what's wrong with how we explored in Final Fantasy XII ? What's the difference, besides size? There were areas connected by towns, as one would typically find when out exploring a fantasy world. So what if it's all "connected" or not? Square Enix seems to think this is a big deal and honestly, I can't see it making one whit of difference in terms of gameplay. What RPGers care about as far as gameplay is concerned is the core mechanics…and that's action with a few role-playing elements in FFXV, which they continue to make plain.

Gaming addiction is very real, and it's a very big problem in Asia

We're starting to see such tragic stories far too often. It seems like you can't go a week without hearing about another horrid incident in Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Shanghai, etc. And it all seems to revolve around truly clinical video game addiction.

The definition of an addiction is simple. You can look it up if you choose, but the basic gist is this: If something essentially controls your life and dictates your actions, that's an addiction. Someone who can't stop playing even long enough to sustain the body (food, fresh air, etc.) is an addict. Someone who spends days in a row playing is an addict. Chances are, they're depressed as well, but that's very likely a cause of the original addiction. I will absolutely guarantee that all these cases focus on multiplayer online-based games; i.e., MMOs and the like. I will bet every cent I have that none of these terrible incidents involves some dude who just couldn't stop playing the last Uncharted or God of War . MMOs are immensely addictive for a variety of reasons, as I've said often in the past.

Somebody really needs to start looking into this, especially in Asian territories where it's starting to become a spreading epidemic.

Personal gaming update

Joe Danger 2: The Movie on Vita is an unsurprisingly fun experience. I've always loved these games, anyway, and the sequel translates well to the handheld. I still don't like that this follow-up effort is just stupid frenetic and more demanding, but it's still a blast. I keep playing Super Mega Baseball and Assassin's Creed Unity but next up is Dying Light , which launches this week. Even though it's not necessarily my cup of tea, I have very high hopes for it. Techland has a potential gem up their sleeves. But I'm most intrigued by The Order: 1886 , which is scheduled to land in about a month. I'm on the fence but I'm holding out hope for another first-party masterpiece.

My girlfriend is playing L.A. Noire , which is a great game. I'd forgotten how great, in fact. And it makes me want to see a follow-up to this more than anything else, even more than a new Red Dead . Too bad Team Bondi basically evaporated after L.A. Noire came out; I think we all remember that soap opera fiasco. But Take-Two still has the IP as far as I know, so…