The Resident Evil HD Remaster launches this month and while it's pure fanservice (let's not deny it), it still reminds us of the way horror games used to be.

In fact, it reminds us of older video game design, which some people may not like. It reminds us of a time when eccentricities we don't see today were common, and veteran gamers simply came to accept them.

Thing is, such an idea seems to have worked out well for Capcom. I wouldn't be surprised to hear about great sales for the new HD Remaster and of course, remasters for slightly newer games (from the PS2 and PS3 eras) have become common fare as well. The fans tend to love 'em and there's nothing wrong with such a positive reaction. The question is, now that some developers are tackling HD overhauls of PS1 classics, like Resident Evil and Final Fantasy VII , have the floodgates been opened? What other original PlayStation classics might end up receiving the remaster treatment? Which ones do you most want to see?

Let's not forget that there were some seriously amazing games during the first PlayStation era. Wouldn't it be interesting to get an HD remaster of the first Dino Crisis , for example? Or what about Syphon Filter ? And hey, who didn't love Ape Escape and some of the first Crash Bandicoot s? There are some RPGs I'd really like to see get a serious visual update but it probably won't happen; Legend of Dragoon and Star Ocean: The 2nd Story would top my list. But in truth, I'm not sure those games would look that great in HD…

What say you?