It's in the single digits out there but I'm one of those weird people who vastly prefer the cold to heat. 😉

PlayStation 4: The only entertainment device you need?

You know, I really never bought into Sony's constant claims of a new PlayStation console being the only "entertainment hub" you need for your living room.

I mean, the PS2 being a DVD player was indeed a huge deal but we were still missing the TV angle. As time has gone on, though, I'm starting to see more truth to these claims, and the PS4 might end up being a true-blue, all-in-one device that covers all my needs. It plays all my movies and although it isn't backwards compatible, I can still play lots of older games via the PlayStation Network. I still need a PS2 hooked up so I can play my PS2 and PS1 games, but they're saying PlayStation Now will eventually support those titles . I'd still prefer my library, of course, but I also like the look and potential of PlayStation Vue .

As for price, I pay $50/year for Plus (an absolute steal, as far as I'm concerned) and that alone gets me a ton of games, movies, and TV. Toss in Vue, which might allow me to ditch my stupid high cable bill, and PlayStation Now for $20/month , and I think the PS4 could be a very reasonably priced, all-encompassing video entertainment device.

Uncharted 4 can have multiplayer, so long as…

I think we all know how I'm going to finish that sentence.

This past week, developer Naughty Dog confirmed what we could've guessed: The upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will have a multiplayer mode . In point of fact, I've always thought the multiplayer in this franchises has been underrated and under-appreciated. And despite the erroneous belief that I want multiplayer to disappear, or that I think it ruins games somehow, I have zero issue with a multiplayer option in Uncharted . I would only have a problem if it somehow impacted the campaign. If I thought the team put more effort into improving the multiplayer experience, or if I thought they were trying to force multiplayer and connectivity options into the campaign (ala Assassin's Creed Unity ), I'd be annoyed.

A game's focus is what matters. If a game has a multiplayer focus, go nuts. Have a blast. If the focal point is the single-player experience, that's where the focus needs to stay . Other options can – and perhaps should – exist but they should always remain exactly that: Options. When I play Uncharted 4 , I don't want to feel as if I'm missing out on a portion of the game because I don't wish to "connect" with other players in some way.

Personal gaming update

I'm close to finishing off Unity , mostly because I'm tired of dealing with the Companion App and the co-op missions. I'll finish off the story and get all the collectibles and then I'll be done. I've been fiddling around with some new digital games on the PSN, too; Loadout was entertaining for a while but kind of a disappointment. Now I'm playing Super Mega Baseball , which is super mega fun . I'm really surprised at how much fun I'm having with this one and while I think it's a tad overpriced at $20, it's going to come highly recommended in my review.

January is pretty dead in terms of new releases, although I am looking forward to trying out Dying Light . Techland's latest presentation was pretty encouraging.