Happy New Year to everyone! Wonder what this year's biggest headlines will be… 😉

A few words about this PSN thing…

Firstly, let me remind everyone that I was one of the first people to call out Sony in 2011 when the Network was hacked. I also penned an open letter that consisted of common sense and nothing more.

As for the latest problem over the holidays, I think Sony once again proved that they need to work on their PlayStation Network service. It simply needs to be more stable and more reliable. That much is clear and I've pointed that out more than once. All this being said, I'm appalled at the responses of some gamers. I've often accused the gaming populace of being overrun with entitlement and disgustingly massive egos, and this only vindicated such an accusation. People were freaking out that they couldn't log into the PSN. And this wasn't a matter of a month; this was a matter of days .

If your priorities are so far out of whack that you're losing your sh** over this, that's your business. Don't make it public; it's embarrassing and depressing. And as I understand it, this was not a hack; it was a DDoS attack and in speaking to those who know what they're talking about, these are two very different things. I was even more astonished when some gamers claimed Sony's compensation plan wasn't enough. Then I thought, "nah, never mind…it will never be enough for such people, so why bother analyzing it?"

As for Lizard Squad, just…whatever. Boring.

I know everyone wants a new Fallout but I'd prefer a new Elder Scrolls

Throughout 2014, we heard rumors that Fallout 4 might be announced at any minute. But at the start of this year, we're seeing evidence that in fact, Bethesda might be working on The Elder Scrolls VI instead (or in addition to).

I've never been a fan of Fallout for some reason; probably because I'll always prefer the more fantastical atmosphere in The Elder Scrolls . Thing is, though, I've never actually completed one of those games. They're just so massive and strangely, I find myself losing interest after playing for a while. What inevitably happens is that another title shows up, demands my time, and I never go back to finish the massive open-world adventure. And God forbid if another sandbox game has attracted my attention… I could really do with smaller games these days, to be honest. Assassin's Creed Unity requires way too much time, for instance. Woulda loved 'em back in my college days, though.

Personal gaming update

I played a lot of different games over the holiday break for the sake of our Game of the Year Awards . This includes Valiant Hearts: The Great War , Bayonetta 2 and Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- . For the record, just because there's no review on the site for a winning game doesn't mean I never played it (besides, there are reviews available for the overwhelming majority of the winners). I'm sure everyone has differing opinions but as always, there's plenty of subjectivity involved.

I'm debating restarting Grand Theft Auto V after I'm done with Unity . I purposely held off finishing the PS3 version so I could play the PS4 version, but it has been quite a long time since I stopped. Then again, starting over just seems so daunting, especially with other games sitting in my backlog. 'sigh' We'll have to see.