Christmas is over but New Year's is yet to come. Any important resolutions brewing…?

Konami might actually give us a great new Suikoden

I don't trust Square Enix but I might trust Konami to deliver a true-blue Suikoden sequel.

The latest rumor mill hints at a new Suikoden entry in the works, which is definitely exciting for veteran JRPG fans. If they made one, I'd want them to keep the 108 Stars of Destiny setup (which could work very well in an open world scenario, even though I'd prefer the traditional world map), and I'd like to see an evolved version of the battle mechanic in Suikoden V . The game allowed you to move and attack even though it was still turn-based, and there are lots of great possibilities there. It could even be like a combination of Suikoden and Final Fantasy XII 's combat system, which was a real-time/turn-based hybrid that flowed beautifully.

I actually don't care as much about Final Fantasy XII HD . It was a great game but I wouldn't replay it now. As for Final Fantasy XV , I want an RPG. Not an action game with a few role-playing elements. I already have that in Assassin's Creed Unity . No, see, a role-playing game is like Dragon Age: Inquisition . It's not, "hammer this button and string together combos and hammer that button and perform special attacks." Yeah, no, that's God of War . And that's what FFXV is. God of War with an airship and a car.

I wonder if The Witcher 3's delay was due to 2014's unstable releases

Developer CD Projekt Red says that delaying The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for 12 more weeks will result in a "smoother and more engaging experience." I'm fine with that and it's not an unsurprising explanation.

However, bear in mind that this developer said they absolutely would not push The Witcher 3 any further. They were pretty adamant about that, if you remember. But maybe they started seeing some high-profile games release with crappy optimization and other stability issues, and they reassessed their own production. Driveclub , Assassin's Creed Unity , and a few others have really made gamers hyper-sensitive about shoddy products coming to market. The last thing a hugely anticipated title needs is bad press due to an unreliable and frustrating game. I just wonder how much of an impact (if any) 2014's letdowns had on CD Projekt Red.

Personal gaming update

You know, I was a little disappointed with Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris . Being a huge fan of Guardian of Light , I expected a tighter, more advanced, more involving production. This one puts too much emphasis on the co-op aspect and it really just looks and feels old. It's not a bad game by any stretch but I still expected more. I'm an Advanced Veteran in Unity now and I'm tackling some of the co-op missions all by my lonesome…lots of Skill Points to earn but it ain't easy going it solo. I don't really care, though; these are solo games. Essentially forcing you to do things multiplayer to advance your character is wrong .

There are still a few other games I have to get to before the year is out (for review purposes), and of course, the Game of the Year Awards are coming up. 🙂