Forget all the instability complaints for a minute.

We're all plenty familiar and the good news is that the four major updates really helped a lot . I will say, however, that I've played for over 40 hours and I only rarely encountered some of the issues that got plastered all over the Internet. It was overblown from the start but that's not the point here.

The point is this: I really want the developers to ditch this uber-"sticky" new hero. In these games, the free-running mechanic has been refined and improved upon with every new installment and while it improved yet again in Unity , there's one element that really irritates me: Arno sticks to everything . He wants to climb everything . Now, I'm guessing this was a developer reaction to a bunch of candy-asses complaining that it's too easy to leap to your death in an Assassin's Creed adventure. Yes, if you accidentally hit the wrong button, this could happen.

But they went way too far in the other direction now. I have to studiously avoid anything climb-able if I want Arno to run along the streets, and it's especially frustrating during moments when you have to move quickly. I.e, "somebody saw me, I want to hide…no, don't climb on the wall, go behind the wall!" It's like all Arno wants to do is climb everything in sight and once he's up there, he does not want to come down. Granted, one of the best additions was the must faster (and easier) method of descending; just keep hitting the Circle button and you can come down even the tallest buildings quite rapidly.

But jumping while on the rooftops has become even more disconcerting than before, as Arno will always, inevitably jump somewhere he can climb. Sure, if you really want to, you can leap from too high up and hurt yourself. But you have to tell Arno twice, not once, and most times he'll stagger at the edge to stop himself. This tells you it's too far to jump but damnit, there are times when I don't care . I'll take a little hit on my health to get the hell away from my pursuers, thanks. It's just another example of increased hand-holding in a series that does not need any such thing.

The moral of the story? The next AC adventure had better not have such an infuriatingly sticky hero. Okay, end rant. 🙂