Don't forget Thanksgiving was late this year; hope you've got a jump on your shopping!

Sony was really reaching with that Vita ad

I don't mean to imply that the sexy Vita commercial was below Sony but…it kinda was.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. Sex sells and always will. It's also not really offensive as far as I can tell (although I'm sure someone somewhere is screaming bloody murder), so it's not the content I question. It's the mere fact that Sony used it at all. To me, when you publish a commercial like that, it's almost like you're trying to cover something up. It's like the Hooters girls covering up the fact that the food is basically God-awful. It annoys me because the Vita is a great little machine – I've said that numerous times – and such an adolescent ad should be unnecessary.

If the system had any games, maybe Sony could've focused on that . However, they've said several times that they don't intend to focus on AAA exclusives for the unit, and that'll kill it plenty fast. How long can a gaming-centric device subsist on games you can play on other platforms (more importantly, games you can play on your living room TV)? It needed to find its niche; it needed more powerful exclusives like Uncharted: Golden Abyss , Gravity Rush , and Tearaway . And as far as many are concerned, Remote Play is a bust. All that silly ad tells me is that you've really got nothing to crow about concerning the Vita.

We don't care about your RPG, Square Enix

Well, those who know you don't care.

They've said over and over how shocked they were at the success of Bravely Default (which immediately tells you how little they understand). But as I predicted at the time, there's no evidence of that revelation in their future products. Square Enix says they're working on a new console RPG but what assurance do I have that it's even an RPG? They seem to think Final Fantasy XV is an RPG and I still think that's up for debate. Either way, I seriously doubt this company ever actually learns anything; they've published some great games lately but the glory days of Squaresoft are long gone.

Maybe they should just try a different genre, or something. It's too embarrassing for them to keep following the downward spiral in the realm of high-budget role-playing.

Personal gaming update

Far Cry 4 is another great game for the holiday season but I won't be finishing it. My plate is already full and I've never been a huge Far Cry fan, anyway. Between Assassin's Creed Unity , Dragon Age: Inquisition and Grand Theft Auto V PS4, I've got enough to last me through the spring. I'll be sidetracked by the likes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in February, too. No doubt about that. Not much coming out in December so I might finally get a chance to breathe. ­čÖé

One thing I've noticed about Unity is that money is a lot harder to come by as opposed to previous entries. It's also interesting that pretty much the only way to earn enough skill points is by completing the optional objectives in the story missions. These are relatively small changes that have made the game much more challenging and immersive, as far as I'm concerned.

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