Believe it or not, the PlayStation 4 has been around for one full year already.

So, what's your evaluation? Does the PS4 score well or are you disappointed?

Historically, the first year for any new console fails to impress. Perhaps the PS4 falls into that category, as we didn't really see any world-ending exclusive software for which the brand is so well known. inFamous: Second Son was a really fun game but it probably doesn't qualify as "AAA." Same goes for Killzone: Shadow Fall and really, one could make the argument that the best games for PS4 were upgraded versions of last year's hits: The Last Of Us: Remastered , Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition , Grand Theft Auto V , etc.

Third-party games have mostly dominated the year, but the good news is that most of them have performed better on Sony's console. Maybe that's what ups the grade a bit; the fact that many high-profile titles simply run better on PS4. The new machine has proven plenty reliable, too (no "yellow light of death" issues, for isntance), even though a few recent updates have proven problematic. It's difficult to assign a grade to the year, just because there have been quite a few extenuating circumstances and neither the PS4 or Xbox One has really come into its own yet. What do you say?