Looks like the good games are finally here.

BioWare knows what they're doing

Here's a developer that understands how to fix things. Example #1 was when the Mass Effect world freaked out over an ending and BioWare provided them with a new ending, entirely free of charge. That didn't work out, either, but only because you can't ever appease the ridiculously spoiled and entitled.

It still shows how this studio is willing to bend over backward to satisfy their fanbase. Evidence of their continued commitment to satisfying the fans can be found everywhere. For instance, there's that new interview during which it was explained that Dragon Age: Inquisition actually started out as a multiplayer game . Then came the post in the NeoGAF forums where BioWare requested feedback for a Mass Effect Trilogy remake. The bottom line is that they're asking the consumers first and then making something they're sure we'll like.

Really, it's not a complicated concept. Is it, Square Enix? 'cough'

I'm sorry but I just think first-person in a GTA game is WEIRD

It's not that I object to the option. I imagine it'd be a pretty cool option, in fact. But walking around Grand Theft Auto V in that new first-person mode just seems so out of place.

It's not that it wouldn't work. It's not even that it won't be fun. It's just that we've been playing GTA from a third-person perspective for so long that anything else feels almost like sacrilege. There's this ingrained belief that first-person makes any video game that much more immersive, but I've never agreed with that. It works for some concepts; not all. I honestly have no idea if it'd fly in a GTA adventure and to be perfectly honest, I'm not all that keen on trying it. That's okay, though, because I'm definitely getting GTAV for PS4. Did you check out PS4/PS3 Comparison Video ? …wow.

Personal gaming update

Yes, it's true, I'm playing a lot of Dragon Age: Inquisition . There's some drama surrounding it right now that I'm not allowed to talk about, but you might not care. It seems that drama will be resolved before the game ever launches, so… At any rate, it should satisfy the long-time franchise fans. I'm also savoring the end of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare , which is a much better game that I thought it'd be. Heck, even the multiplayer is enjoyable for me, and that's saying something. But now I'm also focusing on Assassin's Creed Unity , which got here this past week. In short, I'm a little busy.

By the way, the embargo date for Inquisition is November 11; I may not have the review up on that day, but it shouldn't be long after.

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