Happy November! Don't forget that daylight savings ends… πŸ˜‰

I think general interest in Call of Duty is waning

Amazon pre-orders for this year's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are lagging behind last year's Ghosts by 40 percent.

As a result, some analysts are saying the upcoming entry won't halt the downward spiral of the franchise. Now, a few things: First, I don't believe CoD could every completely disappear , and second, I understand that the production values for every fresh CoD installment are through the roof (as evidenced by the new live action trailer ). And you could make an argument that lower pre-orders are a result of neither Infinity Ward nor Treyarch developing Advanced Warfare . Sledgehammer is new and people don't usually like new, especially the casual crowd.

But I've met die-hard CoD fanatics who have no idea who develops these games. They don't care, either. No, I honestly think the reason we're seeing lower pre-orders – and in general, lower overall hype – for this year's CoD is just because people are finally getting tired of the IP. It took way too long but that's to be expected. Once something is entrenched in modern culture, it's extremely difficult to move past it. Looks like the gaming populace has, however, tired of the ceaseless CoD barrage, year in and year out (and all for basically the same game, over and over).

And speaking of "waning interest"…

I know Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0 are coming and I can't imagine two games I care less about right now. Never thought I'd say such a thing in a million years, but I'm not interested in what they're producing now.

After watching the new trailer for Type-0 and some more gameplay of FFXV , I've concluded that neither are even remotely intriguing. Both are just flashy action games with some role-playing depth, as far as I can see, and to be honest, I've never liked the Japanese style. I only tolerated it in old JRPGs because they had gameplay I actually enjoyed. Now, there's just nothing left that appeals to me in the FF series, which is just plain depressing. The strange part is, Square Enix still puts their name on quality products, but they're games they didn't develop. Tomb Raider , for instance. Too bad the new one is exclusive to Xbox One but as I know it'll only be a timed exclusive, I can be patient.

Personal gaming update

Well, unfortunately, I can't dish on the game I'm playing now: Dragon Age: Inquisition . All I can say is that if you're a fan of the franchise, I can't imagine you not liking it. It's more like a proper evolution of Origins as opposed to Dragon Age II , with standard open-world elements reminiscent of Assassin's Creed or Grand Theft Auto . I think it's great so far. I'm sure I broke some embargo rule in there somewhere, but whatever. I've also got Shadow Warrior and Deadfall Adventures to check out, so expect reviews on those soon. For the record, the Inquisition review is embargoed until November 11.

Lords of the Fallen is a good, solid game, but it's not quite what I was looking for. I wanted something closer to Darksiders than Dark Souls . Lastly, I've put aside Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition while I tackle the new Dragon Age , but I'll get back to my Crusader soon enough. I'm on Master difficulty now with my Lv. 70 character and 40 Paragon levels. πŸ™‚