This has gone far enough.

I am a huge proponent of the advancement of video game journalism. I knew, as we all knew, that gaming and women clashed for decades.

There are indeed examples of sexism (both against females and males, I'd like to add) and I can point to several examples of how video games haven't been remotely fair when including members of the fairer sex in such adventures. I can also point to many examples of developers taking the necessary strides to fix the problem, and just how far this industry has come in the past five or six years.

Anybody who wants to produce intellectual, thought-provoking articles on this topic, and anyone who wants to delve beneath the surface and ask challenging questions, has my immediate respect. For the record, Anita Sarkeesian has never been one of these people. I was three minutes into one of her first YouTube videos when I said to myself, "Well, she's doing this for attention and she's bound to get it. She doesn't actually know anything about the industry and she refuses to do an ounce of real research but hey, that's why she's on YouTube and not writing for the Times or the Atlantic."

And of course, such publications would never have produced print versions of her presentations because they're poorly presented and critically flawed. She's not a journalist. She's not a doctor. She's not an expert on the subject at hand. She's just another YouTube personality who got precisely what she wanted: Attention. She was angling for that from the start and every time she's confronted with the legitimate facts, she ducks and evades. Eventually, we should all just accept that she hasn't really produced anything worth discussion.

This isn't helping gaming. It just tells other journalism professionals that someone like Sarkeesian can be one of our most visible – and supposedly important – personalities. Well, that's about all she is: A personality. I don't begrudge her one ounce of the fame and attention she has received but I won't for one second believe she had any other ulterior motive.