November is almost upon us and it's chock full of goodies…

Firmware update 2.00 enables the "virtual couch"

As cool as this new Share Play feature is, I couldn't help feeling a little saddened when I read the "virtual couch" description. There was a time when more than one person would sit on a real couch and play games together.

PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.00 will deliver a bunch of new options , and one of them is Share Play, which basically lets you turn control of a game over to a remote player. You can check out the brief tutorial if you're confused. It really is a great feature, and one I might actually use from time to time. However, I can also view it as just another way to keep everyone at arm's length in an increasingly digitally-oriented planet. One can argue that it brings people together, especially when they're far apart, but that's not the correct interpretation from a psychological standpoint. We simply have more options to avoid normal, healthy interaction.

It's still a nifty little feature, though, and the PS4 will definitely benefit from update 2.00 this week.

The biggest improvement next-gen hardware can provide? Maybe atmosphere

Ubisoft says it would've been "impossible" to put Assassin's Creed Unity on the older consoles. And why? Well, they specifically mentioned the crowd , in that it has become an actual gameplay element, as opposed to a background prop.

Honestly, this is where I think next-gen machines will shine: They're still not powerful enough for us to talk about photorealism and in truth, I don't think this generation was that big of a leap compared to the last one. However, the improvements the better hardware will offer will center on ambiance and atmosphere. Everything will be that much more believable and authentic; the details will be that much more refined. Even if it's only a small step, it's still significant. I think this will be very noticeable in a game like Unity , which is said to offer an "unparalleled scope."

Personal gaming update

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is still mucho fun, but Jet Car Stunts is not . They really need to stop pretending that mobile games can compete in the same space as real games. They just do.

I'm just psyched for Unity , Grand Theft Auto V on PS4, and Dragon Age: Inquisition . I'm less stoked for the shooters – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Far Cry 4 – but I have high hopes for both. Until these arrive, I'll still be playing Diablo III , with my maxed Lv. 70 Crusader and 30 Paragon levels. I'm going through some Nephalem Rifts on Expert now and doing a bunch of bounties. It lets me progress much faster; just doing the campaign was getting boring, and it wasn't yielding much in the way of new equipment.

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