As I understand it, if Nintendo hadn't helped out, Bayonetta 2 never would've happened.

Okay. Now it's making non-Wii U owners insanely jealous.

If you hadn't noticed, the slick action sequel is the new darling of video game critics. In fact, with its 91 Metacritic rating , it's statistically the highest-rated new game in 2014. The Last Of Us: Remastered , Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition , Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition ; yeah, see, these don't count. Anyway, with absolute perfect scores from The Guardian, Edge, and Destructoid, along with 24 reviews over a 9, it's clear that this game is pretty darn incredible.

Hey, I was one of many who loved the original. I said at the time that it featured the single deepest, most intricate, most rewarding combat mechanic of any action game I'd ever seen. And evidently, the critics say you get that and more with the sequel…too bad I'd have to use that stupid Wii U controller. It's also too bad that such a game couldn't take advantage of PlayStation 4 hardware; can you imagine what this bad boy would've looked like if it had?! It's a huge loss for PlayStation and Xbox as far as I'm concerned, and a huge gain for Nintendo. Although I still question what percentage of avid Wii U players are even interested in the game.

At any rate, I bet a lot of hardcore action fanatics out there who don't own a Wii U (and really, if you're a big action fan, why would you?) are tempted. Just admit it. I am.

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