Fall is upon us and the doldrums of summer are fading away.

I hope everyone had fun in the sun, but there's no hiding the fact that summer significantly diminishes online activity surrounding gaming.

We hope you will still consider taking advantage of PSXE's Crazy Double-Dip Game of the Year 2014 Giveaway contest if you haven't yet, but more than that we'd like to welcome you all back as the autumn and holiday releases encourage more and more discussion.

We do our best to facilitate a solid, respectable community here at PSXE. That doesn't always shine through I admit. We have our differences, we have our squabbles, I see great members come and go. I see a lot of good members contributing who are reserved in their responses, perhaps to avoid upsetting someone who is crazy-committed to an opinion. However, I implore them to step up and be bold in their engagement this year.

I also implore members who follow our articles and read our comments from the sidelines to pick an avatar and join in. It's going to be a long gaming season and we need lots of opinions to keep the discussion going. Gaming is something we have in common, even when we butt heads we should try to remember that the person on the other side of the conversation is no different from the multiplayer stranger who leaps from a hilltop and headshots an enemy that had us at 4% health.

I also invite former members who have had disagreements with us to return. If you've felt wronged or disfranchised due to a something that got out of hand I invite you to extend a hand in reconciliation, and to recognize that everyone has opinions they will hold to like a controller preferences. Recognize that folks will be who they are and it's okay to just take a few jabs, throw some good-natured teasing around and keep on trucking. The clash of opinions often ultimately ends up making strange friendships with people who, surprise surprise, we wouldn't event think of associating with based on our fundamental differences elsewhere. If you commented all summer, then welcome back anyway ­čÖé

It is the games that connect us after all. It is the interaction between us that makes the hobby so much more than an individual human being sitting in a dark room slamming buttons.

Some of you know my story, I found this place by chance back in 2008 after trying and failing to be a member of other communities overrun by fanboy insanity. Where before I felt the only way to talk to gamers was to be overt and extreme I now saw I could calm down and raise issues about the industry that others wanted to discuss reasonably. After years of contributing Ben accepted my assistance as a contributor to the site. My continuing aspirations as a writer were validated, and so I continue on.

Recently, I decided to follow another dream of mine besides writing. I put myself forth as a candidate to become a literacy tutor to K-4 children. Ben provided an honest reference for me, one of just two references I had to select when I did not have many people to speak for me. He and I agree and disagree on many things both gaming and non-gaming, but we both have a passion for reading and literacy. You might find similar relationships here with people about other topics. Soon I will begin the task of helping those kids and I look forward to it.

All of this transpired over the years in part due to something as simple as contributing to a community that discusses a luxury hobby in which I have an interest. So don't ever doubt that your input in something you love couldn't make a difference either on the site, in the industry, or in your life. One action always leads to another. We have members of all races, creeds, backgrounds, careers, and ages. That's what makes this a community .

PSXE isn't perfect, it isn't even flashy and exciting like many other sites, but we keep on going because we host the best place to have discussions and form online relationships that have the potential to matter.

So, finally, from us to you, welcome back to PSXE. Suit up, join in, and have some fun with each other. There's a home here, complete with all the passions that drive its members in various directions while the focal point of our hobby keeps up together.

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