All anyone can talk about is Destiny , so let's focus on other topics, shall we?

Is it weird that I want GTAV more than anything else this holiday season?

Now that we know Grand Theft Auto V will launch on November 18 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (sorry, PCers), it's atop my wish list.

That's probably weird to those who have already completed the game, but I never got a chance to finish. Truth be told, I always knew Take-Two would eventually deliver a next-gen iteration so I purposely waited for the best possible version 'cuz the game is that awesome. Given all the additions and improvements, I think I was probably right to wait. Sure, I may have super high expectations for Assassin's Creed Unity but I already know GTAV is an amazing experience and one that absolutely cannot be missed. If I had had any inkling Naughty Dog and Sony would've done the same thing with The Last Of Us , maybe I would've waited on that one, too.

…nah, that game was just way too good to pass up when it came out. Besides, it isn't anywhere near as long as GTAV.

I really wanted to see that third-person Call of Duty 🙁

We've all been calling for change in the Call of Duty franchise, and we almost got a radical change with the now-canceled "Fog of War."

Not only would we have received an entirely new setting – Cambodia during the Vietnam War – but we also would've had a shift in genre. There's a very big difference between a first-person and a third-person adventure, and I would've loved to see Sledgehammer's project. Instead, Activision tapped them to assist with the multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3 after the Infinity Ward fiasco and as a consequence, "Fog of War" got scrapped. That really sucks, too. I know the hardcore CoD fans probably would've hated it just because it was a TPS but I don't care. In a lot of ways, I prefer TPS, anyway. Uncharted , anyone?

Advanced Warfare boasts some significant changes, but it's still a first-person shooter at its core, just like Destiny .

Personal gaming update

And speaking of Destiny , I'll be ready to do a review on Monday. As you've probably noticed, it isn't getting the best critical reception, which is moderately surprising. I honestly believed it would be getting 9s and 10s all over the place, but it's averaging in the low 70s and that's just…shocking. Major outlets like GameSpot and Polygon only awarded the game a 6, and that's very low for such a hugely hyped, supposedly groundbreaking title. I guess their major problem is that the whole experience just feels a little too empty and to be honest, I get what they're saying. Destiny does indeed feel somewhat underwhelming. That being said, I think a 6 sort of ignores the immense amount of polish that is quite evident from the get-go.

Destiny is the reason I haven't been able to play much more of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition ; I'm just a Lv. 22 Crusader in Act II. But it's just so much fun; I'll be getting back to it tonight, hopefully. As for Tales of Xillia 2 , the loan payment system just ruined that game for me. What a dumb idea.