I know we'll be seeing and hearing a lot more about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare after the multiplayer reveal, set for August 11.

The franchise is all about multiplayer, after all, and the overwhelming majority of die-hard followers probably don't care about the campaign in the slightest. And of course, it's still early.

However, when we compare this year to previous years, when the new Call of Duty seemed to earn many more headlines throughout the summer, I think the hype for Advanced Warfare feels a little light. I mean, we're really not hearing much about the game. We've seen some new trailers here and there but it's not exactly blowing up. Over the past few months, Destiny and The Last Of Us: Remastered have been hogging all the attention; it's like there hasn't been any room for the new CoD.

It's even more telling when an updated version of a PS3 game is clearly more popular right now. Yes, it just came out so it's bound to get plenty of attention, but this is Call of Duty we're talking about here. Usually, during a dull summer, the new CoD set for fall is just about the only thing people argue about. Not so much this year, though…is it a sign that the uber-popular IP was dealt a damaging blow by Ghosts ? It's feasible.

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