All these delays are a little worrisome but at least I get more time to play what I want. ­čśë

We've heard this many times before from developers who produce exclusive PlayStation software

"Only the 'insert new PlayStation console name here' is powerful enough to handle our creative vision." Or something along those lines.

We've heard it time and time again, mostly from first-party designers. I don't necessarily doubt the veracity of their claims; after all, I'm sure they know what they're talking about. That being said, I can't help but wonder if bias seeps into their judgment when they make such statements. After all, they're only developing for the PlayStation brand, right? So, how much experience does a team like Ready at Dawn have with any other platform? None? Sure, I believe The Order: 1886 will take advantage of the PS4's prodigious capabilities, but is it really the "only console that can handle it?" I mean, how can we be sure? How can they be sure? They obviously didn't try to put it on the Xbox One, correct?

Anyway, I just thought I'd bring this up. I don't mind when developers say this and besides, PlayStation has proven its power over and over. I don't believe for one second that Xbox 360 could've handled the Uncharted series (or The Last Of Us , for that matter). I'm just saying, I wish they'd clarify these statements a little better.

A new Bioshock? Well…who's doing it?

It's one of my favorite franchises of all time, so when I heard 2K was teasing a new Bioshock , I was ecstatic.

But then I stopped myself. Irrational is no more. Who's gonna do it?

Will it be an internal 2K team? And if so, what are their qualifications? What sort of experience do they have? I'm certain 2K wouldn't pass this esteemed IP off to a mediocre developer but even so, can they be a patch on the awesome Irrational guys? On top of which, let's not forget that the narrative has always been one of the most critical elements of this franchise. Thing is, Ken Levine was mostly responsible for those scripts and with him gone… Writing is a very specialized skill and it's difficult to find people who can pen such in-depth and engaging stories, especially for interactive entertainment. Without Levine and Co., I just worry about what to expect, you know?

Personal gaming update

I'm not playing much right now; just going to try and finish Grand Theft Auto V . Crimsonland is actually pretty fun; it just doesn't have enough variety or content to hold my attention for very long. And talk about repetitive! Wow . It's a lot more fun when you're playing with a friend or two, though, so I'd recommend it if you've got some wiling buddies. Besides, there isn't much available right now, and there aren't really any high-profile releases until Destiny in September. Speaking of which, I haven't even bothered with the beta; this is just one of those times when the hype has proven to be much too annoying.

I'll probably nab The Last Of Us: Remastered this week; I'll take advantage of that trade-in deal . I just like to have the very best version of any awesome game in my collection. ­čÖé

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