It has been a few years since the well-received Resistance 3 graced the PS3 and promptly died a terrible sales death.

Folks looking for a decent FPS experience on Vita got Burning Skies after that but it didn't turn out so great, not nearly as good as Killzone: Mercenary anyway.

Killzone: Shadow Fall was fun and pretty but basically a dud in the grand scheme of things. It didn't do for the PS4 adopters what Resistance : Fall of Man did for PS3 adopters. Playstation seems to be having trouble producing it's own Halo, and by that I mean a consistently great and popular FPS that can only be had on Playstation.

If that's ever going to happen it might need to be a new series, but in the mean time events conspire to leave us without the quality that exclusive development exudes in the FPS genre. Guerrilla Games is hard at work on their new IP and hopes for another great Killzone will have to wait a few years. The same is true of Resistance as far as we know. Insomniac is hard at work for Microsoft making that wacky open world shooter Sunset Overdrive. It could be awhile to find them available even if Sony is interested in another game in the series, which they probably aren't.

Though nobody has officially labeled it dead, the franchise is basically tapped out now that it has received severe damage and from public opinion and under-appreciation. Sometimes it isn't enough just to create a great game it seems.

But PS4 is on the rise, like really on the rise. A lot of the new gamers and converts never got to see the awesomeness of the series. There's also the possibilty the franchise was overlooked so much because of the military shooter craze last gen, which is losing momentum and interest in the new generation.

Sony is within their rights as far as I know to put one of their own teams on Resistance (probably not the one who did Burning Skies ) and continue the franchise or even reboot it. They could also choose to strike a new deal with Insomniac after Sunset Overdrive . That would take a long time to bring Resistance back but maybe it needs that kind of rest before a triumphant return.

It's such a rich and fun shooter it would be truly a shame to relegate it to the dust bin of gaming history. If it does ever return Sony is going to have to fully invest in the right ad campaign and put all their weight behind it to make it the kind of hot topic that the first game was.

How about it, do you want Resistance back? Would you give it your full support? Should more time pass? Prefer a new exclusive shooter? Tell us all about it.