Most assume the Titanfall sequel will come to the PlayStation 4. Virtually no chance Electronic Arts keeps it exclusive; the company would be losing out on way too much revenue.

By the time the follow-up is ready to go, there will be too many PS4s out there to ignore (no matter how deep Microsoft's pockets are). It's why Mass Effect started off exclusive to the Xbox 360 last generation, but all subsequent installments came to the PS3. Trust me, it's inevitable that Titanfall 2 will be multiplatform.

That being said, if it doesn't have a campaign, I don't want it…and you know, neither will a lot of other long-time PlayStation fans. See, the PlayStation faithful have come to expect wonderful, even memorable, single-player experiences. Their exclusive lineup is defined by single-player triumphs, while on the flip side, it can be argued that the majority of Microsoft's success have come in the multiplayer component. My point is that while you might get away with eliminating a campaign for the Xboxers, you won't fare so well if you're trying to cater to the long-time PlayStation fans, who have different expectations.

I'm not saying there aren't plenty of Xbox fans who wouldn't desire a campaign. I'm saying that if you look at history, and you examine Sony's most successful and/or most revered franchises, it's the single-player experiences that stand out. Hell, it's even this way for shooters; just look at Resistance and Killzone . From Metal Gear Solid to God of War to Ratchet & Clank to inFamous to Heavy Rain to Journey , we PlayStation followers expect single-player excellence. And if we don't get it, many of us are likely to simply pass.

Just a friendly warning to Respawn Entertainment. Regardless of what anyone thinks, there are innate differences between core Xbox followers and core PlayStation followers.

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