I'm sure I'm in the minority on this issue, but I really don't care.

During a recent Eurogamer interview , DICE CEO Karl-Magnus Troedsson said they want to make the next Mirror's Edge "more fun and less irritating."

He added that they're "focusing on first-person combat this time around," so basically, what he's saying is they want to infuse a generic concept into a game that was incredibly innovative to begin with. Great. Yes, I know the focus on combat makes it more "accessible," as Troedsson put it, and I know that you apparently can't sell a first-person game unless you're shooting something, but the original Mirror's Edge was great raw material. To me, it proved you could make a linear, puzzle -oriented first-person adventure that would not only feel fresh, but it would test our minds and fingers in totally different ways.

There was combat in the first title, too, but it wasn't the focus. And I liked it that way. Trying to figure out the best way to scale a particularly tricky structure, and moving quickly and strategically to avoid a hail of bullets was unique. It's what made the entire experience feel original. It's why to this day, I remember that game very well. DICE was able to produce a game that somehow managed to take the standard first-person perspective and twist it. It didn't move or control exactly like any other first-person game I'd played, and I loved the emphasis on the parkour free-running mechanic.

It's what made you stand out. It's why the fans have so patiently waited for news of a sequel. But now it appears that what those fans will get isn't really what they wanted. Does every major release have to follow a formula these days? Seriously?