For years, analysts and journalists alike have agreed that the video game industry was suffering from "generational fatigue."

The previous era dragged on longer than any generation before it, so there's probably some truth to that theory. Now, as another E3 is upon us, we have to wonder: Is this the most anticipated show in years? Perhaps since 2005 or 2006, when the last-era systems debuted at the trade event?

For one thing, we're at the start of a new generation and the first year is always critical. Interestingly enough, that first year is usually pretty empty (unless your name is the PS2), as gamers have become accustomed to an early drought. It's important for all the manufacturers to prove that it won't happen this time around; it's all the more important for the PS4, because Sony specifically made that system to be appealing to developers. No more waiting three or four years before designers finally get a handle on the architecture, right?

Let's also not forget the numbers: The industry suffered in 2013, as the numbers fell significantly just about every single month…until, that is, the new consoles dropped in November. Gaming is now enjoying a resurgence and as such, the excitement and hype building around E3 has risen dramatically. Now, granted one could argue that last year's E3 was even more exciting because the PS4 and Xbox One were set to launch, but both consoles were officially revealed before the show, remember? That kinda took some of the punch out of that show, in my eyes.

At any rate, I can't wait to see if Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are up to the challenge, because when excitement is high, so are expectations…