What a crazy week!

The Order is delayed and I'm not sure if I should be worried

So we found out that The Order: 1886 wouldn't make it this year ; it has been delayed until 2015.

The reason? Developer Ready at Dawn says they want to "deliver on the experienced we promised." Well, I'm behind that, but I've heard similar explanations in the past. In fact, it's starting to become the default explanation for any highly anticipated title that hits the skids. Isn't that precisely the reason Ubisoft Montreal gave for pushing back Watch Dogs ? I mean, word-for-word? Well, anyway, I haven't decided if this delay should worry me: On the one hand, I'm remembering The Last Guardian , which just evaporated. Furthermore, I have some idea how badly Sony probably wanted to see The Order launch for the 2014 holiday season.

If the new Uncharted isn't coming out this year, either, that's a problem. You can't own the busiest part of the year with Driveclub . Sure, the big-name multiplatform games will result in hardware increases on all sides, but if Sony wants to maintain its lead, they want at least one or two AAA PS4 exclusives for the October-December period. Without The Order , it may seem somewhat bland… And what really caused the delay in the first place? Maybe if I can get a straight answer to that, I'll be less concerned.

Battlefield: Hardline is coming, and Visceral is doing it? Hmm…

Another piece of news that leaves me on the fence. When I heard that Dead Space developer Visceral Games is making the newly announced Battlefield: Hardline , I couldn't come to a conclusion. Visceral made some great DS titles but the third entry slipped; it was more of a third-person shooter than a true survival/horror experience. Then again, Battlefield is a shooter, yes? And of course, Visceral is going to get all sorts of assistance from EA on this one. Plus, I do like the idea of an entry that doesn't involve the military; this one is based on police work (SWAT, for instance), and that could prove intriguing. Still, Visceral has the chops, but they don't have a ton of FPS experience.

Also, let's not forget that EA is going to have throw down with Activision again. We've already seen Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and it has gone over quite well. Can Hardline possibly compete with that level of hype? Oh, and let's not forget that a lot of BF fans are really bitter about the issues that plagued BF4 multiplayer. Another hurdle to clear in 2014.

Personal gaming update

Watch Dogs is a great game, even if it wierds me out a little. I've never been a big fan of voyeurism; I was creeped out when I first saw "The Real World" on MTV and honestly, reality TV has only gotten creepier (i.e., more twisted, more dysfunctional, more disgusting). Therefore, I'm not the biggest fan of the concept in Ubisoft's latest. At the same time, I always applaud highly ambitious works in any medium, and Watch Dogs definitely qualifies. It's also a ton of fun, and the twists on the standard open-world formula are much appreciated.

Truth be told, I actually like Transistor more. It's just so unique and beautifully designed, you know? It's fantastical, too, so that when I'm playing, I'm not constantly worrying if I'm playing in a virtual world that actually mirrors the real future. Yeah, in a lot of ways, I still use gaming to escape, not confront. 🙂