E3 isn't far off now, is it? Man, I didn't even notice.

The real reason people have reservations regarding The Order: 1886

After Sony released that new gameplay footage , one caught the negative vibe from a lot of gamers. Many called the footage "generic" and generally unimpressive.

However, I think I know why a lot of the "meh" statements were subdued and vague: Sony's trademark is their first-party exclusives. It's PlayStation exclusives that often push the envelope in terms of artistic and technological elements, from Heavy Rain and Journey to LittleBigPlanet , Uncharted and The Last Of Us . It's really what Sony does . Then, we see something like The Order: 1886 and on the surface, it appears to be little more than a standard third-person shooter. One could argue that Uncharted falls into the same category, but that franchise is proven.

For a new IP, I think gamers really expect something explosive and decidedly fresh from Sony. I think such gamers are much more interested in upcoming titles like The Dark Sorcerer (if that's even what Quantic Dream is going to call it) and The Last Guardian (if it ever comes out). There's a reason games like LBP and Journey earned boatloads of rewards. When you look at Ready at Dawn's upcoming action game, it doesn't necessarily seem to push any envelope at all. I mean, outside of graphics. And this is why the response hasn't been overwhelming, in my honest opinion.

Sorry, I don't get the pre-loading fascination

I know the feature has been available to PC players for a while now, and I suppose it's cool that it'll be available on the PlayStation 4 as well. This past week, we learned that one of 2014's biggest games, Destiny , will be the first title to officially support pre-loading on the PS4. …uh…yay? Someone has to explain this to me; maybe I'm not properly understanding the concept. I guess it means that you can pre-order the game digitally, set your console to auto-update, and the game will begin to download as soon as the street date hits. In the case of Destiny , it means you can begin playing at 2 a.m. on September 9.

Okay, I have questions: Have we really become so lazy and so impatient that we have to play a new game within minutes or hours of it going on sale? And we have to have it happen automatically? Who, outside of students, can even play a game in the middle of the night? Hell, even students shouldn't be doing that, as far as I'm concerned. Is this a feature for people with no lives whatsoever? I mean, who cares ? I can't imagine a game I'd want this badly.

Personal gaming update

I'm definitely having a ton of fun with Wolfenstein: The New Order . It's just so much fun to play, and it really does remind me of the good ol' days when shooter campaigns were actually, you know, good . It doesn't do anything new and in some ways, it does feel outdated. Honestly, though, I don't care. It's bad-ass. But I have to get back to finishing inFamous: Second Son , because Watch Dogs will be here very soon, and that's going to require plenty of time. I will also add that I can't wait to see the new Amplitude on the PS4. I loved that game to pieces.

Oh, and don't forget that Murdered: Soul Suspect comes out the week after Watch Dogs , and I have very high hopes for it. Did you check out that new 101 Trailer ?