I'm not sure we got what they sold us.

We'd like to know what our members think about the PS Plus service. I think it's actually a deceptively simple question. I've been a member for a few years now and it seems to have stopped being what it once was while abandoning what I thought it planned to be.

The idea was that for a tidy $50 a year we would get some big name “free” games every month, cloud saves, early access to demos, exclusive betas, free avatars and themes, full game trials, and exclusive discounts. It did do that but some things seem to be falling by the wayside now.

While we are still getting some great games like Arkham Asylum and Puppeteer , I've noticed a sharp trend toward feeding us the smaller indie titles whenever possible, especially on PS4. It probably isn't very profitable for Sony or 3rd party publishers to offer their games on PS Plus so who knows how long the top quality ones like Bioshock Infinite will continue to be offered. I wouldn't be surprised if, with the massive influx of indie and budget games on PS4, those will be the only kind we get in the future. With the changeover to the next generation now we are forced to get PS Plus just to play online as well. Most think it's not too much to ask since we get plenty of content for the cost, but it is a big change some might not appreciate.

As far as the other things go I can't remember the last time there was an exclusive demo, exclusive full game trial, exclusive beta, new avatar, new wallpaper, or theme. The avatars and themes have been the same low quality ones month after month after month. I have to admit the extra discount prices are a steal, but they usually just get me to buy stuff that isn't very good anyway and which I end up not finishing.

I think it would be nice to actually get some new content beyond those games that seem to be waning in quality and maybe even something that shows off their other services like a free show, movie, or song every now and then. As it is, it almost feels like PS Plus is slowly (while people aren't looking) turning into a games subscription service and nothing else. If the PS4 games keep up the way they are going I might just drop the service once I'm done using my PS3. The rest of you multiplayer lovers are going to be locked into it though, whatever it becomes in the future. We already saw some wierdness happen with Driveclub . That could be when the price will rise too.

So how about it, is everyone happy with PS Plus as it is? No? Just want to complain that those games aren't “free”? Go ahead, let's hear it.

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