When a studio like Naughty Dog says they're working on "two brand new experiences," people tend to pay attention.

The Last Of Us creative director Neil Druckmann recently told Edge that in addition to the upcoming Remastered edition of TLoU for the PS4, his team is cranking away on two other projects.

One of those projects is presumably Uncharted 4 . Okay, so what might the other one be? Chances are, old-school platforming fans are dearly hoping Naughty Dog brings back the Jak and Daxter franchise, or at the very least, Jak . See, the duo split up after their award-winning debut adventure on the PS2; after that, we got several Jak titles and Daxter had his own game on the PSP. In recent years, we've heard Naughty Dog say J&D occupies a special place in their hearts, and we did get those excellent HD remakes on PS3.

We've also heard Naughty Dog says they haven't entirely abandoned the IP, and they'd love to come back to the series someday. Maybe that day is now…? What do you think the chances are of this currently unannounced project being a fresh Jak game? And if it is, have they reunited the comical duo? It'd make for a great new game on the PS4, don't you think?