Well, I suppose I have to talk about it…

I think that new CoD trailer got a lukewarm reception…and that's not a bad start

I've already made some personal comments concerning my reaction to the recently released Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer, but as it continues to be the hottest topic by far

I'm sensing a relatively lukewarm response to that slick new trailer, and there are several reasons for that: Firstly, Ghosts seemed like such a step back that many have reservations for the next franchise installment. Second, without any gameplay – or any multiplayer information, which is the only thing that matters to most fans – it doesn't mean as much. I mean, I was encouraged by those story and tech details but then again, I'm referring exclusively to the campaign. As that's not high on a CoD lover's priority list, that could probably explain a lot of the "meh" responses I've seen.

I won't make any further judgments until I see more. By the way, does anyone else always end up writing "Advanced Warfighter" instead of "Advanced Warfare?" I've been doing it constantly ever since it was announced.

I still can't believe politicians are allowed to be THIS ignorant

As I've said many times before, I'm all for protecting our kids. I love the ESRB and I support just about anything they do. I support the idea of education for parents. I do not support random taxes based on nothing but sentiment and emotion, two things that should never come into play when making new laws. What bothers me even more is that somehow, our elected officials get away with doing zero research. And I mean none. If I was someone like DebraLee Hovey , I'd be downright embarrassed by that piece. The most egregious mistake is her citing of the Sandy Hook murderer and how he "played violent games for hours a day."

The wording makes it sound like video games were solely responsible for that inexplicable act of insanity and of course, that has never been proven. At best, it's theory, and not even a good one, as it has since been clarified that Adam Lanza really didn't go in for violent games much. In fact, he was more about DDR and Mario games. And even if he wasn't, his psychological problems hardly stemmed from video games, as any psychiatrist will tell you. This DebraLee Hovey should be ashamed.

Not for wanting to protect our children. But for literally inventing facts to find a solution to a vastly more complex problem. It's the very definition of lazy.

Personal gaming update

It's all about Child of Light right now. The game has received quite the gamut of review scores, but I believe the lower scores come from critics who simply didn't connect with the game. And I won't argue that point; if you don't connect with it, so be it. It's not for everyone. However, even in analyzing the objective elements, such as the beautiful refinement of design, for instance, you have to see how vastly superior it is to most digital titles out there. Even if it wasn't my cup of tea, I still can't imagine giving the game below an 8. That just makes no sense to me.

Oh, and I'm stoked about the possibility of Unreal Tournament 4 . No, I'm not a multiplayer fan but over the years, I've always made an exception for good ol' UT. ­čśë

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