Role-playing fans ought to be pretty darn happy about what's coming…

Dragon Age: Inquisition is lookin' hella sweet

Being more of a fantasy fan as opposed to a sci-fi follower, I've always been partial to BioWare's Dragon Age franchise. I've always acknowledged Mass Effect 's excellence – as evidenced by my reviews – but personally, I'm more of a sword 'n staff kinda guy.

As such, I've been very satisfied with what I've seen of Dragon Age: Inquisition this past week. The new trailer they released with the official launch date is bad-ass , and I loved checking out all the new screenshots . Not only will the game be immense and ideally incredible, it should also be the product of a developer who listened . I paid very close attention to the negative feedback we fans gave to BioWare after Dragon Age II . I still say that the game was great; it just didn't live up to expectations.

Inquisition , on the other hand, seems primed and ready to deliver. It really appears as if the designers addressed just about every last complaint gamers had, and that's worthy of my applause. Why can't other developers do this…? Anyway, it's also great to have an anticipated new JRPG on the horizon as well; Tales of Xillia 2 landed a US release date. RPG goodness everywhere!

I miss Prince of Persia

When I saw that Ubisoft accidentally teased a new Prince of Persia , I was immediately excited. I maintain that the first PoP to drop for the previous generation was absolutely fantastic , even if the follow-up, Forgotten Sands , wasn't as good because they wasted too much time on combat. If they're going to do another entry, they had better return to the formula that worked: Platforming and puzzles, with a little bit of combat worked in. Sands of Time was one of the best games of the Xbox/PS2 generation, by the way.

Although, it seems as if they might actually produce a 2D side-scrolling installment, which hearkens back to the good ol' days when PoP was an insanely difficult old-school adventure. Using the UbiArt Framework ( Rayman Legends ) could result in a very intriguing game, and I might be on board for it. Gotta see what they're planning to do first.

Personal gaming update

Still working on some digital/indie title catch-up; I'll deliver a Mickey and the Castle of Illusion review this week, for instance. Might try that DuckTales remake while I'm at it. I need to get back to the big games as well, but I've got plenty of time. There's really nothing coming out between June and August. We've got Wolfenstein: The New Order and Watch Dogs in May and then nothing until The Evil Within on August 26 and Destiny on September 9. There's a definite lull there and I should be able to play what I want to play. Still not sure if I'll finish Final Fantasy X HD

What do you plan to play during said lull?

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