It's getting warmer and the game drought is coming…like I've said before, time to play catch-up!

Xbox One just not as powerful as PlayStation 4…?

If it's true – and I'm not saying it is, not being an expert on computer hardware – then Xbox fans really just need to get over it. Every time I turn around, another Xbox follower is desperately trying to prove that Microsoft's console is every bit as powerful as Sony's.

That's why we see articles like the one that claimed the performance gap between the two consoles would dwindle and disappear. In fact, Oddworld creator Lorne Lanning said no such thing ; he was merely talking about schedules and budgets and all that. Just Add Water CEO Stewart Gilroy made it plain that this is "physically impossible," as the PS4 has "more compute units and faster memory," among other things. Okay, so what? The Xbox was more powerful than the PS2 and the latter just stomped the former into the ground. Yeah, it had a year head-start and the Xbox was Microsoft's debut, but still, the less powerful system dominated.

The point is that you don't need to be the most powerful gaming console around to enjoy success. Maybe Xboxers should stop worrying about what the Xbox One can do, and start worrying about what games it might have. Because right now, I can't name even one compelling exclusive on the horizon aside from Halo 5 , and I'm sick to death of that series.

No, Deus Ex does NOT need an online multiplayer mode

I know the common belief is that every single video game in existence "requires" an online multiplayer option of some kind. However, in many instances, that isn't true at all. In the case of Deus Ex , it's definitely not true. This franchise has always thrived on delivering nigh-on unparalleled single-player campaigns, complete with great stories, characters and solo adventures. So, when I heard that Eidos Montreal apparently plans to implement a multiplayer mode in the new Deus Ex: Universe project, I just rolled my eyes. From a design perspective, it's not necessary. I'm sure there are plenty of possibilities and it could be cool, but it's just not essential.

Work on giving the fans what they've always wanted from this franchise. Just don't farm out the boss fights like you did with Deus Ex: Human Revolution (still one of the most mind-bogglingly bizarre development decisions I've ever seen), and you'll be fine. Forget the damn multiplayer and focus on what you do well, and what the fans want. It's really not that hard.

Personal gaming update

Despite my hefty backlog, I just can't seem to stop playing Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster . I'm going too fast, though; I always used to grind for a bit so I'd be ahead of the curve; now I'm facing a Seymour boss battle that's kicking my ass. I really forgot that games were significantly harder at one time, and let's not forget that FFX was considered easy by previous standards of that franchise. I still say FFVII had a lower difficulty, though. At any rate, I need to move around the Sphere Grid some more before tackling that boss battle. Then maybe I can get back to inFamous: Second Son and the scores of other games I have yet to complete.

One of them will not be Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z . What an insulting mess. My girlfriend and I are progressing in Dragon's Crown and after showing her Champions of Norrath on PS2, she wants to play that. Gotta go dig up another PS2 controller. ­čśë Too bad they don't have games like that anymore these days, but I have high hopes for Bound by Flame .

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