A seriously huge week of releases and some big news, too!

Sony still struggling to meet PS4 demand…good or bad?

The company has yet to meet "full supply production" and the conservative estimate is that this won't happen until summer . So, my question is: Is this good news or bad?

Considering it from the optimistic side, this means that PS4s continue to fly off store shelves, thereby pushing Sony to keep manufacturing systems. However, the pessimistic (or rather, skeptic) side says, "Well, Sony's not making enough PS4s to sell; hence, the sales aren't going to be very high." So, which is it? Is the PS4 still hard to come by because everyone keeps buying it the instant it becomes available, or is it in "short supply" just because Sony isn't making enough to sell? I'm guessing it's a mix of both, but I'm really hoping that they're at least trying to meet demand.

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. You can't win a sales war without enough product. I always thought that if Sony could manage to keep up with demand at the start of the new generation, they'd be just fine. The debacle that was the PS3 launch taught them a few lessons, I'm sure. However, I was sorta hoping they'd have reached "full supply production" by now, especially with another great PS4 exclusive now available.

Yeah, I'm probably psyched for Assassin's Creed: Unity

I say "probably" because I suppose there's a chance that Ubisoft could do something monumentally stupid with the first next-gen entry. You know, like make it entirely online or attempt to implement a mechanic that simply doesn't belong. If Unity is simply bigger and better in every possible way, with improvements made to AI and some of the free-running control, I'll be plenty satisfied. That debut teaser didn't really tell us much, but it did look amazing. All the more so because it's only Alpha footage…

I should also remind everyone again that these games are on two- and three-year development cycles. Unity , for instance, has been in development for over three years, which is good news. I also really love the idea of playing during the French Revolution; Paris (and indeed, the rest of Europe) at that time was insane . I hope the designers take full advantage!

Personal gaming update

Well, what I feared would happen has happened. I managed to finish off Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes because it was quite short, but I can't seem to stop playing Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster . Even with inFamous: Second Son sitting here (review coming Monday), I still can't tear myself away from FFX HD. Yes, I've been playing Second Son ; it's just that the greatness of FFX has once again bewitched me. Oh well, so I'm a little sidetracked. So what? ­čśë

As for that virtual reality tech , as I said before, I want no part of it. In my estimation, it will only further hasten humanity's decline into something unrecognizable. I'm sure it might be cool in brief snatches but of course, that's not what's going to cause the problems. And yes, there will indeed be problems…serious ones. Of that, I'm certain.

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