This is a legitimate question; it's not sarcasm.

We really don't know enough about the new Assassin's Creed entry, and that's why I'm asking. All we really have is that debut trailer for the next installment, Assassin's Creed: Unity .

We see the term "next-gen" in that video, so it begs the question: What's going to be "next-gen" about this fresh entry? Are they calling it that simply because they're designing it with the next-gen consoles as the barometer? In terms of power and capability, what will the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One allow the Ubisoft developers to do? Specifically, what will it let them do differently and better ?

Do you have any ideas?

I've been playing and enjoying this series since its inception, so I know where Assassin's Creed can improve. It could use better AI, a refined control mechanic, and perhaps a few more stealth options for those of us who prefer to play like a true-blue assassin. I do like the French Revolution setting (it's rife with great possibilities), so I think that's a good start. "Bigger and better" is the common upgrade these days, but I want specifics concerning these "next-gen" updates, you know?

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