I can't believe it's snowing again . I love cold weather but I am so done with this winter.

Final Fantasy XV being a "top priority" = funniest thing I've ever heard

So, let me get this straight- you announce the game (at the time, it was called ( Final Fantasy Versus XIII ) in 2006. You get everyone all pumped up for an interesting franchise spin-off that will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Then, time passes. A lot of time passes. During that time, we get vague updates and worse, promises that we'll see it "soon." I still remember when they said they'd officially unveil it in a month, and it never happened. It also turned into a multiplatform project because after all, Square Enix is a big company and they had since moved past exclusivity. Not enough money to be had.

Finally, we find out that Versus XIII has become Final Fantasy XV . And now, here in 2014, you tell us that it's "quite far into development" and it's a "very high priority within the company." Tell me this isn't hysterical. Well, it doesn't really matter because at this point, I care far more about Kingdom Hearts III and the games S-E is only publishing ( Tomb Raider , Deus Ex , etc.). The only FF I want on the horizon is the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster . I may be done with the series after that.

The PS4 tops Xbox One in the US last month, but can Sony maintain the lead?

As soon as I saw the awesome news that Sony's console had outsold Microsoft's in January in the US, only one question entered my mind: "Can the PS4 keep it up?" Xbox One was the top-selling console in December, but many attribute that to a lack of availability on Sony's part. It's also very significant that Sony says the PS4 nearly doubled the sales of the Xbox One during the month. That's still a far cry from the polls that told us the PS4 would outsell the Xbox One by a 9:1 ratio, but it remains a fantastic achievement. Sony's system should dominate the rest of the world; if it can win North America, too, the race is over.

Now, can it continue? I say it can. I say that for now, with the PS4 being $100 cheaper, that's helping to drive the gap. Next month, Titanfall should produce a sales spike for the Xbox One, but don't forget that inFamous: Second Son is dropping for the PS4, and that IP is no slouch. In the future, it'll come down to software as it almost always does and this time, Microsoft apparently doesn't have that invisible yet indefinite cushion it once had in the US. I think it might be gone…

Personal gaming update

Everyone keeps talking about Outlast , so I had to try it. It seems pretty damn creepy so far, and I love the vibe. You'll see a review on that one ASAP. I'm also playing the Left Behind DLC for The Last Of Us , which focuses on Ellie and her friend, Riley. The story flashes back and forth between a time before Ellie met Joel, when she and Riley were friends (and before Ellie was bitten), and that segment in the main story when Joel is hurt and Ellie goes off on her own. So far, as expected, it's extremely well done and even though I don't usually do DLC, this seems like a logical – and interesting – expansion. Be prepared, though; it's a whopping 5.4GB download.

Thief is right around the corner as well, and Second Son is less than five weeks away. As for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII , I'm not finishing that depressing piece of crap. I'd rather play more Dustforce . How sad is that ?

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