Two huge PlayStation 4 exclusives. Which one do you want most?

I'm very quick to say inFamous: Second Son , and I've got my reasons.

Firstly, it's not a new IP and as much as I love fresh concepts (new IPs remain the lifeblood of the industry), I know I love inFamous . I mean, provided Sucker Punch kept the basic gameplay principles in place – and it appears they have – I'm fairly certain I'll adore Second Son . There's almost no doubt in my mind that it will be one of my favorite titles of 2014, and it helps that I've seen plenty of gameplay.

Therefore, this is solidified in my head.

However, there's something just so exciting about a new IP, isn't there? That goes double for me when a first-party Sony studio is behind it. If you really look at what Ready at Dawn is attempting to accomplish with The Order: 1886 , the game could be downright astounding if the developers make good on their claims. I'm also a big fan of the time period in question, and I really like these alternate historical realities. Reminds me of the Bioshock franchise, and those games always had unforgettable atmospheres.

Which game tops your hype list?

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