It has been an interesting week in the PS4/Xbox One news category.

PS1/PS2 emulation for PS4? Sure, sign me up

Backwards compatibility used to be a big deal to me. But as time has gone on, I've realized that I barely have the time to play the new games, let alone time to return to old games.

However, the classics matter because many times, such gameplay can't be found anymore. That's why I was excited to learn about the PS1/PS2 software emulation reportedly scheduled for the PlayStation 4. Combined with the upcoming cloud service – apparently designed specifically for PS3 titles – this means the PS4 should be able to play all three generations of games. Well, theoretically. The software still needs to be made available, which takes some time.

However, it still doesn't really help those of us with actual collections. I don't want to pay to download and play Final Fantasy VII on my PS4; I already own it. I just want to put the disc in and play, which means I need the PS2 plugged in. That being said, there were so many great games in the PS1/PS2 era that you could really play the nostalgia card for a while . So, I still think it's cool.

Does a slimmer, lighter Vita sound more appealing to you?

This past week, we learned that the Vita 2000 model will launch in the UK next week . There was no mention of a US release but we all know it's coming. The question is, does this even matter? Will this spur sales? It's a little lighter and a little thinner, and the OLED screen has been swapped out with an IPS LED one (even though the resolution remains the same). Unless it comes with a price cut, how is this supposed to spark a sales surge? Only a price drop or a really compelling AAA title can do that, I think. Sony says they don't expect the Vita to outsell the PSP and that's unfortunate. I'm sure that's not what Sony was going for.

I just see a significant lack of third-party support for the Vita right now. If you look at this year's release schedule, what do you see? I can't think of even one game that's a potential system-seller. A bunch of indie titles that are available other platforms won't do it. You need exclusive killer apps ; without them, it doesn't matter how you redesign the unit. The unit was plenty sweet enough to begin with, anyway.

Personal gaming update

I'm working my way through the big games and just for fun, I've started a new Career in Top Spin 3 . I didn't like the terrible balancing issues in the fourth installment and even though TS3 is way too easy, I still think it's fun. My girlfriend is doing well with Portal 2 and we're on our second run-through in The Cave (with different characters, of course). The next co-op game we'll try is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons , which I downloaded for free 'cuz I'm a Plus member. 🙂 Did anyone get a chance to play this yet? I've heard it was pretty good but I never reviewed it. I also can't wait for the second Burial at Sea episode for Bioshock Infinite .

The only game I really care about this month is Thief and that's not until the end of the month. I couldn't possibly care less about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (that Yuna costume DLC doesn't make it any more attractive), and I didn't like the first Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 , so I'm not on board for the sequel. I keep thinking there's another game I'm missing, but I'm not sure what it is…

Then there's inFamous: Second Son in March, which will be bad-ass .