Still not sure if I want that Tomb Raider Definitive Edition for my collection…

Aw, isn't it cute how Microsoft is suddenly so friendly?

You know, ever since Microsoft got into this business with the original Xbox, they've taken frequent potshots at the competition. In fact, many executives do it every chance they get.

And now, after their Xbox One falls well short against the PlayStation 4 in the worldwide tally, they're suddenly all calm, cool, logical, collected, diplomatic, blah blah blah. Microsoft, you forget that some of us have been listening to you for many years; you forget that you dubbed the original Xbox "the most powerful video game console ever." That kind of thing isn't supposed to matter, remember? You just got finished saying such things like max resolution and frames per second are "trivial" so…isn't that somewhat hypocritical?

Then you say the differences between the PS4 and Xbox One are "pretty minor." This is after Crystal Dynamics confirmed that the PS4 version of the aforementioned Tomb Raider Definitive Edition would outperform the Xbox One version , and after industry insider Ahsan "thuway" Rasheed said his sources claim Watch Dogs on PS4 will also be the better version . Yeah, we know petty fanboy wars are stupid. We know we should be celebrating the industry's upswing. We acknowledge Microsoft's praise of Sony in recent weeks, including their appreciated Naughty Dog comment .

But not for one second am I buying this sudden "Kumbaya attitude." Sorry, I've got too good of a memory.

This Witcher 3 game is starting to freak me out

The bottom line is that I probably won't have time to play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , but I'm gonna at least have to see it. There's simply too much hype surrounding this title and to be honest, I'm buying it, hook, line and sinker. I admit it. Developer CD Projekt Red has explained that such a project would be "impossible" on PS3 or 360 ('cuz it would quite literally halve their insanely ambitious vision). They're also saying the game comes close to maxing out the next-gen systems . If that's even remotely close to true, this is going to be quite the amazing experience. I don't even like open-world RPGs all that much, but it seems like these guys want to offer a bit of everything.

I especially like the part about 100+ hours of gameplay and 36 different endings. The latter implies that there are plenty of narrative twists and turns, which is lacking in most open-world RPGs. If they can deliver on absolutely every count, I'd say this might be a downright revolutionary adventure. I'm hoping it is, even if I don't get a chance to complete it.

Personal gaming update

Had a tough week because my computer died, which was a colossal pain in the ass. Before I forget, I'm putting out an APB for Microsoft Office 2003 . Yes, I know it's old but it's what I've always used. I also don't want to pay for a new Office right now; I've got the product key but I no longer have the disc. If anyone out there has it, I'd really appreciate it if they could lend it to me. I promise I'd send it back. I can't find anywhere to download it online…I mean, anywhere legit.

But anyway, my girlfriend is working on Portal 2 and we keep playing The Cave , which is great fun. I'll keep chipping away at doing everything in Grand Theft Auto V and if I can get back to it, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag . Thief is coming out soon, so that'll be awesome. As for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII , yeah, I've got better things to do with my time. Dumbed down junk .

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