Exclusive software is just so important, especially when a promising new piece of hardware is on the market.

For Sony's PlayStation 4, we've seen a few exclusives already ( Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack , for instance), and we know about incoming titles like inFamous: Second Son and Uncharted 4 . But what might be coming down the pike? Which will be the next announced PS4 exclusive?

Perhaps it'll be whatever Quantic Dream's new project is; they're obviously on board with the PS4, as evidenced by the developer's Dark Sorcerer tech demo they showed off last year. However, this title could still be a long ways off, so maybe this won't be next on Sony's announcement list. Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy have long since gone multiplatform, so they're out. What else could be considered a possibility?

I think it may come down to one of two titles: Gran Turismo 7 or a new God of War . I know we just saw new entries in each franchise in 2013, but Sony has stressed the importance of both IPs. Furthermore, we heard that GT7 might indeed launch toward the end of 2014 on PS4, and Kazunori Yamauchi himself said it was only a "year or two away." He made that statement only about halfway through 2013, by the way. As for GoW, I honestly think we might be looking at a reboot, simply due to the completion of the Kratos story arc. At least, we're assuming it's complete.

Which PS4 exclusive do you think we'll hear about next?

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