I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday. 2014 is coming…what are you most excited about?

Final Fantasy X-3? Sure, so long as Square Enix gives it up

When I saw that one of the writers for FFX and FFX-2 liked the idea of another sequel , I was instantly stoked. Chalk it up to the old, deeply entrenched love of this franchise, which sometimes forgets that Final Fantasy is just a shadow of its former self. That love also forgets that Square Enix is no Squaresoft. Therefore, I had to think twice before I started jumping around the room with glee; when I ruminated for a bit, I realized that if there was to be a Final Fantasy X-3 , there's no way I'd want Square Enix to do it. They'd do what they did with the FFXIII trilogy; they'd take advantage of Yuna's guns and make an action game like Devil May Cry .

So, then I started wondering: "Who would be a good fit?" Maybe Level-5 should take it. They could maintain the franchise's former core, style and atmosphere while still delivering a beautiful, widely appealing title. Gust might be able to do it; they've created some great Atelier games, and they'd know how to handle the content in FFX-3. It might be a little too big-budget for them, though… Any other ideas?

Devil's Third is the ultimate wild card

I've always liked Tomonobu Itagaki. He's a perfect example of the kind of guy I'd probably hate in person, but as an important, charismatic personality for the gaming industry, I'm all for him. When I heard about his new studio, Valhalla Games, and the new project, Devil's Third , I was definitely intrigued. I expected an over-the-top, high-octane, adrenaline-filled action game with a singular style. The problem is that all we've seen in three years is a brief debut teaser, and I have difficulty envisioning the final product. Itagaki says the game is 80% complete and it'll launch in 2014 , but why I should be all amped up? I don't know anything about it.

Think about it: This game is supposedly 80% complete and yet, we've seen and heard next to nothing . How is that even possible? Why bother to keep it on the down low? This is a new IP; it has to be promoted as heavily as possible, especially if it's coming from Itagaki and Co. The other issue is that because the game isn't coming to the next-gen consoles (as far as we know), it needs to be all the more impressive. Remember, gamers will be comparing whatever footage we get to PS4/Xbox One games, as unfair as that sounds. It's reality. So, let us see this thing ASAP!

Personal gaming update

My girlfriend and I beat Knack , which remains a very disappointing game on a number of levels, but at least it was fun with another person. We just put it on Easy and breezed through it, and it was plenty entertaining for us. I also continue to plug away at Gran Turismo 6 but it annoys me a little that we can't have as much fun as before. The Performance Point (PP) ratings make the game much more realistic, but it also means that the highest rated cars are borderline useless. You can't use those crazy Red Bull cars unless you're racing basically the same cars; the PP ratings are so high, you really can't enter those cars in most events. Also, most events are shaping up the same way: Start last (or next-to-last) and play catch-up.

That gets a little repetitive after a while. But anyway, I will try to get back to the other games I've abandoned since GT6 came out. I may consider picking up the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition just because I loved the game and I always like to have the best versions of my favorite titles. Oh, and don't forget that inFamous: Second Son isn't that far off now!