Grand Theft Auto V is out. Everyone seems to love it, don't they? Grand Theft Auto Online has come around after a rocky start, too.

So, doesn't that mean it's just about time to spill the beans on the new Red Dead installment? Isn't that next on the list? C'mon, just give us a little taste.

The interesting part is that you'll find a lot of gamers who are actually more interested in the Red Dead Redemption sequel, as opposed to GTAV. Of course, the latter game turned out to be yet another open-world masterpiece, so it's difficult to complain. At the same time, RDR's popularity was absolutely through the roof, and fans have been pining for a follow-up effort ever since. Prior to the game's release, the industry had been in dire need of a defining Western-themed game. Well, we got it with Redemption .

The only question is whether or not the new entry will be very much the same in terms of style, tone and structure, or whether it will be a distinct departure. Remember, RDR was nothing like Red Dead Revolver , which was essentially just a straightforward shooter. I'm guessing that because open-world formats are all the rage these days, and they'll only become more intricate and detailed in the future, that the new Red Dead will stick to that. But you never know… I also want to know if we're looking at a sequel or a prequel. Me, I kinda want a prequel, just because John Marsten is a confirmed bad-ass and I'd love to experience that period of life when he was an outlaw. That's how his story began, if you recall.

I mean, that's just sandbox gold right there. Being the bad guy is something so many of us end up doing, anyway, right?